Cinched by Chloe was founded by Chloe Walsh. Cinched by Chloe launched on November 16th 2023 however Chloe's journey creating the brand did not just start in 2023 in fact Chloe had been working hard and developing Cinched since 2021.

Chloe has years of experience in the fashion and retail world, and decided to take the step out on her own and create a brand that makes women feel and look beautiful in their own unique beauty. 

Why is the brand called Cinched By Chloe?
Chloe came up with a whole new concept and designed a dress that would have a cinched waist elastic constructed within the inside of the dress that each lady can fasten to cinch in their waist and shape the body resulting in a fabulous hourglass shape. 

All the names of the dresses were carefully chosen by Chloe and are very close to her heart :

The KT Dress was named after two of the most important people in her life, her grandparents, Kathleen and Thomas.

The LP Dress was named after her parents, Lisa and Padraig, who loved and motivated Chloe her whole life.

The C Dress was named after the brand itself and founder. 

Chloe promises to continue to grow, learn and create pieces you will feel empowered in.  

Cinched will offer a unique experience into online ladies' fashion, providing a range of fabulous dresses to shape and accentuate your beautiful figure.

Cinched guarantees confidence and class ensuring our ladies feel divine in their Cinched dress.